Jack White, and his Triple Decker Record

Jack White has never shunned the vinyl format, even if a quick search for White Stripes vinyl reveals that all are out of print except the latest, Icky Thump, and the live recording Under Great White Northern Lights. That’s neither here nor there. News recently broke that Jack White has invented an entirely new record which he calls the “Triple Decker Record” and is now trademarked under that name. Details are slim, but what is known is that it is essentially a 7″ embedded within a 12″. Now, this is fairly hard to imagine, and I’m dying to know the logistics behind it all. This new record will house the newest Dead Weather single, “Blue Blood Blues,” with one (or several) unknown B-sides. How much music can/will this new record have? I have not the slightest idea. This is the first time in recent memory that an artist has done something outside of the norm (the norm now including other varieties such as  colored, transparent and 180-gram vinyl) in recent memory. I’m fairly impressed with the idea and the drive behind it, but I’m not completely enthralled by it all.

The problem that I have lies in the execution. There will only be 300 of these records pressed, instantly giving them “collector’s item” status. At 300, it’s unlikely that I, or you, or anyone that you know, will actually see one of these. Of the people who are able to purchase them, some will flip them for ridiculous profit,  but most will never spin them. Which leads me to ask the question: what’s the point? What is the point in creating a new type of record, only to print so few of them that they will almost assuredly never be heard? Frankly, it’s something that I find depressing. I find myself both impressed, and disappointed in White. A 50/50 split that leaves me uncomfortable.


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