that superbowl

I’m not going to lie to you: I don’t follow football.  I’ll even be more straightforward and say that I’m not a sports fan.  At all.  With that said, I still watched the entire superbowl, and therefore bore witness to Madonna’s half-time extravaganza.  Before I really go into it, however, I feel like I should discuss M.I.A.  For a short time — a very short time — I was a fan.  I own exactly one M.I.A album, 2010’s Maya, and “Paper Planes” is a damn good song.  But what does it say about a polilitcal artist like M.I.A to backup someone like Madonna?  The fact at Nicki Minaj takes part in it makes perfect sense; they’re very much cut from the same cloth.  I may not like this sort of pop music, but I can appreciate style, and artists like Nicki Minaj, Madonna and Lady Gaga all have a very unique sense of style.  I don’t, however, appreciate it when an artist presents his or herself as being more than that and then ends up backing Madonna.  I was going to write that with a more universal flair, but fuck it.

Now, the actual show.  As previously stated, I’m not a pop fan, but pop artists are certainly more suited to this type of affair than a rock band.  What plays best during halftime is a spectacle, and that’s something rock outfits rarely offer anymore.  The Who tried it, but their performance fell terribly flat.  There is an argument to be made for The Boss’ halftime show a few years back, but I always feel that Bruce has somewhat of an unfair advantage just by being himself.  Madonna put on a pretty respectable show, and that was all due to the spectacle.


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