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Girl? I don’t know.

Part of me doesn’t see the merit in mentioning something that has already blown-up all over the blogosphere, but I did find today’s news that Christopher Owens, frontman of indie band Girls, split from the group — or, rather, from that one other guy in the band — pretty interesting.  Girls owes a lot to his distinct vocals, and it’s unclear if former bandmate Chet “JR” White is going to continue on without him.

Fun fact: Owens was brought up as a part of the Children of God cult based in Texas.  Neat.

If anything, this gives me a pretty solid excuse to post the great music video of their song “Lust for Life,” from their debut album, Album, which came out in 2009.  Their latest offering, Father, Son, Holy Ghost was released in 2011.


a theme, he said

While taking a look at the albums that I wanted to write retro reviews on, I noticed a pattern: they’re all from the 90’s.  And thus, a theme was born. This week I’ll be writing on the “lost albums” of the 90’s, dedicating my time to albums that some people may swear never existed in the first place.  At least two of them are that obscure, I swear.  The first review will go up tomorrow and we’ll see how many I can get to before next Monday.


Sleigh Bells, of course

When I was just starting high school I  used to carry around my Sony walkman — a CD player, people — and more often than not it would house Poison The Well’s You Come Before You.  I lost interest in the band soon after, but I was delightfully surprised to hear that their former guitarist, Derek Miller, was the second half of indie band Sleigh Bells.  There is something inherently violent in Sleigh Bells’ mix of hardcore, pop, and dub, and their 2010 self-titled debut is one of the loudest albums I have ever heard.  Their new album, Reign of Terror is out at the end of the month, and is preceded by their new single, “Comeback Kid.”  It’s difficult to discuss the band without some frame of reference, so check out their new video for “Comeback Kid” below.  Dig the nostalgia.


Ticket shenanigans

I got shut out of Pulp’s upcoming concert at Radio City, but as fate would have it my misfortune is not the failure that began to circulate yesterday; that honor belongs to the legions of Bruce Springsteen fans that got screwed by Ticketmaster.  Ticketmaster are claiming that they were hit by scalpers that created an “abnormal volume” of orders, thus killing their system.  People seem to forget that this happens constantly when it comes to hot tickets and Ticketmaster, and, as per usual, scalpers are selling on Ticketsnow, which is owned by Ticketmaster.  So, whether or not you were personally able to score tickets yesterday or if you give in to the scalpers, Ticketmaster wins either way.  Great for them.  You can expect that there will be no new safe-guard put into place to prevent this from happening, and for this situation to repeat whether or not Rollingstone chooses to report it.


Retro Review: Morrissey and Beethoven

A warning: It’s going to be a very Morrissey-heavy week.  I’ll be tackling the recent The Smiths’ Complete box set one album at a time, but to start things off in a fun way I’m going to take a look at Morrissey’s live solo album, Beethoven was Deaf.


Artist: Morrissey

Album: Beethoven Was Deaf (1993)


There is a word for a live album like this: triumphant.  It’s jubilant, edgy, and is thankfully not short on Morrissey’s trademark humor and cynicism.  The album focuses on the 1992 Mick Ronson produced, Your Arsenal, and the glam-infused tracks translate very well to a live setting.  Take, for example, the opener “You’re The One For Me, Fatty;” the guitars roar, and everything just sounds fantastic.  Other standouts include “You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side,” “Glamorous Glue,” and the biting b-side “Jack The Ripper.”  Beethoven Was Deaf  is an absolute must for fans of The Smiths, Morrissey, or just about anyone in the mood for a truly fantastic live album.



We take care of our own, ya?

So Springsteen’s new single has been floating around for a couple of days but I made a conscious decision to not write about it until I had some more time to digest it. There are some things about it that I do like: the trashcan percussion, and…the intro? It’s a mish-mash of big themes and imagery that’s designed to get you going.  Take, for example: “From Chicago to New Orleans/From the muscle to the bone/From the shotgun shack to the Superdome.”  Feeling it yet?  This song isn’t that far removed from his more recent efforts; it’s direct-made for radio and sing-alongs that will seriously work for some people.  Rolling Stone’s David Fricke gave the song a four out of five, and the magazine gave his last album, Working On a Dream, a perfect score.

I don’t know what that’s all about.



You should hear this!: Talking Heads, 1980

This post will serve as the start of a new Friday tradition called “You should hear this!”  Every Friday I will post either a music video or live performance of a band that I think should absolutely be heard (or, er, watched.)  For this inaugural post I would like to present a performance of one of my favorite Taling Heads song, “Born Under Punches,” from their 1980 album Remain in Light.  Produced by Brian Eno, Remain in Light features the band in an artistic fury, adding African polyrhythms to their already off-kilter style.  This performance is taken from a 1980 concert in Rome, featuring experimental guitarist Adrian Belew, who would go on to join King Crimson one year later.



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